Services to Schools

We are all working in an ever shifting educational landscape which requires that we be flexible, innovative and resilient.  To do so depends not only on strengthening our teaching and leadership skills but on further developing our emotional intelligence.

Uniquely, emotional learning is built into all of our ‘Pathway to Success’ initiatives complementing and reinforcing our programmes which have been developed by, and with, leading educational professionals.

Our ‘Pathway to Success’ can support you and your teachers in reaching your full potential ensuring that an outstanding educational experience is provided for all your learners.

At Opossum we believe that continuing professional development makes teaching and learning a lively, inspiring and creative experience for all.   Investing in your own practice and in your teaching staff is central to creating more successful schools. This brochure gives you details of what we can offer.

To find out more about any of our programmes click here or if you have a general enquiry about our Services to Schools, please contact us on 020 8539 4552, fill in the form or email us at:

We look forward to welcoming you and your staff to our programmes.


At the heart of successful leadership is the capacity to build relationships which can sustain more complex challenges. Whether we’re a Head Teacher or simply trying to be an effective role model to others, we can all benefit from deepening our understanding of emotionally intelligent leadership.  Our unique resource uses contemporary visual art and commentary plus reflective questioning to go beyond common themes.  

A-Z OF LEADERSHIP is co-published by Opossum & Institute of International Visual Arts.  For further information visit